Practical Profitability with Periodontal Medicine and Airway Management

Practical Profitability with Periodontal Medicine and Airway Management

March 20 & March 21, 2020 @ 9:00 am -4:00 pm Course Fee: $2000 – 12 CEU’s
Cad-Ray Learning Center
8 Market Place, Suite 300
Baltimore, MD 21202

One Day Perio & One Day Airway Presented by: Drs. Doug Thompson, Nancy Hartrick, & Steve Acker :

There is a unique movement today to be healthier and to monitor certain aspects of our lives where meaningful health changes can be made. More and more of us are taking part in this “health revolution” which promises to improve the potential longevity and vitality of our lives.

A reasonable question to ask is, “What can we do in the private dental practice to assist our patients to better health?” The answer is, “We can help them with chronic inflammatory issues.” Understanding the importance of chronic inflammation, how the mouth may be a liability, and how specific oral conditions are related to overall health is what this course is about. Understanding this gives oral care providers a unique opportunity to connect with patients in a very different way than talking about or, marketing toward, traditional dental procedures.

Additionally, this common question, “Can you increase the success of the practice toward healthier patients, healthier teams and profitability?” will be answered with a resounding “yes” but you must first understand the opportunities, have the plan, and the resources. The wellness movement can be a total win/win and the two key components are Personalized Periodontal Medicine protocols and an understanding of Airway Management including screening and management of disordered breathing. General dentists and their teams are in a prime position to engage patients in this total health endeavor.

Join us for two days where we will look at these two critical disciplines that we must understand in these health-conscious times. Generate more joy, more health, and more revenue in practice with the tools presented in this course!

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the “Opportunity” in Periodontal Medicine to improve the health of your patients, practice and teams.
  2. Outline a vision for your periodontal management policy.
  3. Discover the nuisances of the five diagnostic parameters in periodontal disease diagnosis.
  4. Learn the most up to date concepts in biofilm management.
  5. Experience the possibilities through real examples using case presentations of patients with over ten years of periodontal stability.
  6. Explore the health consequences of compromised airway and altered growth and development.
  7. Learn the foundational principles of airway evaluation and steps you can take to assist in an airway management as it pertains to sleep disordered breathing including sleep apnea.
  8. Acquire a step by step evaluation process around airway health with a defined system.
  9. Explore practical management strategies to guide you and your team in identifying, evaluating, and integrating airway health in practice.
  10. Learn the steps in your growth and discovery of how to optimize airway health education and improvement strategies that contribute to practice profitability.
  11. As a bonus objective, perhaps we will discover that you (or your loved ones) have an airway issue that will be discovered by the information you learn in this interactive two-day experience.
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