Practicing Wellness Dentistry

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The Wellness Dentistry Network (WDN) was founded in 2015 by Dr. Doug Thompsonfrom his direct experience of how dentists can transform their practices by expanding the role they play in the overall health and wellness of their patients.

WDN isn’t just an organization – it’s a vital movement that offers members the tools and resources they need for practicing wellness dentistry. WDN members receive everything they need to integrate and self-implement wellness dentistry into their practices.

WDN also provides the platform by which other like-minded dentists and healthcare professionals can share information and best practices. Our members comprise a network of healthcare professionals who have a keen awareness about how oral conditions affect total body health and the ability to make their patients’ lives better through the use of the tools and resources we provide them.

The information and support materials our members receive help patients feel more secure with the treatment recommendations they make. In turn, WDN members become trusted guides who show patients how to improve their total body health and overall quality of life.

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