Wellness Dentistry Network Membership Agreement

By submitting this agreement, you are consenting to join and collaborate with a group of independently practicing and totally autonomous dental practices and other forward-thinking healthcare providers that have a keen awareness about how oral conditions affect systemic health and how other systemic conditions can affect oral health.

Your decision to be involved will provide great benefit to your patients, opportunities for your practice, and growth for you as a dentist who understands the responsibility of encouraging wellness through the profession of dentistry.

Core Values That Guide the Network:

Wellness Dentistry Network (WDN) members will be guided by these principles, and we consider the below as the commitment we will make to each other:

  1. Honesty and Integrity – no unified body of providers will grow if there is no honesty among them about what is working and what is not working. Honesty and integrity are key factors to a unified body.
  2. Teamwork, Sharing, Collaboration – Members of the Wellness Dentistry Network should consider themselves part of the same team unified toward a similar vision of developing and using materials to guide health improvement for their patients.
  3. Continuous Growth – As material and science evolves, members of the Wellness Dentistry Network vow to embrace this growth.
  4. Positive Attitude – A positive attitude is critical to the success of the network. Pioneering or foraging a new way to perform anything takes a positive outlook and a positive attitude to breed success.

Subscription Fees

An initial membership fee of $2,700.00 will be assessed per physical practice location registered for membership. A membership subscription will automatically renew on an annual basis, beginning with the first renewal occurring 12 months after the initial membership subscription. The fee for membership renewal is $1,500.00. Renewed membership will provide the office with continued access to Wellness Dentistry Network, to all products and materials and the use of all new materials created or revised in the upcoming year. A renewal notice will be sent to the office one month prior to auto-renewal.

The annual renewal fee, current at the time the office becomes a member, will remain fixed throughout the life of the office’s membership. In the event the membership subscription is not renewed and membership is therefore forfeited, access to Wellness Dentistry Network’s website and library of materials will be retracted. Offices that re-subscribe to the membership at a later time will be subject to the initial membership fee and renewal fee current at the time of re-subscription.

Membership Benefits:

You will receive access to the exclusive content available in our library, including the base package of practice support materials to assist with patient and team education and to guide clinical protocols. Most materials are customized with your office information on them. In the event of multiple dentists practicing in a member office, personalized documents will reflect the office or group name, as opposed to the individual name of each dentist. These materials include, but are not limited to, customized risk assessment forms, patient assessment summary forms, most patient and team awareness tools, public PowerPoint talk, and tradeshow display instructions for marketing. Please reference the Wellness Dentistry Network description, located on the Wellness Dentistry Network website, for a more complete list of materials. Wellness Dentistry Network’s materials are for your use only and are not to be distributed to others.

The initial membership fee also includes one hour of orientation/consulting with a WDN Member Services Consultant. Additional coaching and consulting can be scheduled under a separate fee agreement that may be attached to this Membership Form. For more membership benefits, please reference the full list of WDN Membership benefits, discounts, and offers located on the Wellness Dentistry Network website.


By signing this agreement, you attest that you are responsible for all treatment recommendations and hold Wellness Dentistry Network (WDN)/Integrative Oral Medicine (IOM)/Doug Thompson, D.D.S. and his team harmless for your treatment outcomes or results. WDN and IOM are only providing ideas for you to consider in practice. It is ultimately up to you to make, or not to make, certain treatment recommendationsVariations in treatment approaches and regional laws may require adjusting parts of the Wellness Dentistry Network’s educational material and/or the patient management approach. Compliance with and following all local and regional laws is your responsibility.

This network of practices is collaborative in its learning, growth, and desire to network with physicians to provide the best oral health care possible for their patients. As a member of the Wellness Dentistry Network, it is expected that you, too, will share information that works to fulfill the mission of healthier patients, healthier practices and healthier teams.

If at any time during your membership actions taken by you or your practice are not in alignment with the core values of The Wellness Dentistry Network, membership may be revoked with 30 days’ notice, and access to the materials and other benefits, including designation as a Wellness Dentistry Network practice, will be revoked.

Wellness Dentistry Network Membership Agreement

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Member Information

  • *We highly recommend you provide the name and email address of at least one hygienist team member and one front office team member.
  • Annual renewal: $1,500
  • $0.00
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