As a dentist, your first order of business is giving your patients excellent care. But as a business owner, you’re obligated to find ways to increase the value of your practice for you and your team. What makes the Wellness Dentistry Network unique is that we’ve developed a protocol to help you achieve both goals. As soon as you begin incorporating WDN into your practice, you’ll start creating more value for your services:

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Community - A global network of like-minded dental and medical teams to network and co-manage patients.

WDN Member Connectivity - Online community, in-person courses and exclusive events including our bi-annual member rally with teams from our global community.

Online content hub that provides a library of team teaching resources that demonstrate how oral health issues are integrated with overall medical health issues. (See below for more information.)

Implementation and patient education tools for dentists, hygienists and the entire dental team – To put the TMD (Total Mouth Disinfection) as well as oral-systemic wellness protocols and education into practice. These are modalities, protocols and tools Dr. Thompson and his team utilize daily and successfully in our clinical practice, Integrative Oral Medicine. We are now in four countries helping other teams around the globe do the same.

Total Mouth Disinfection (TMD) Protocol – Dr. Thompson’s evidence-based protocol at the core of our WDN program to restore and maintain oral health, as well as encourage total body health.

Marketing Tools - To help brand your wellness practice and build awareness of your comprehensive services among current and prospective patients.

CE - we are now beginning to provide CE for some courses, events and online materials in the hub.

Onboarding - With our WDN team to kick off and support your team's implementation.

Coaching for teams desiring more assistance in implementation (available in addition to standard membership).

Access to special offers and discounted prices on products/trainings of WDN partner businesses.


Monetizing investments in your practice is a challenge for us all, which is why WDN founder, Dr. Doug Thompson, is transparent about the value wellness dentistry has contributed to his own practice. Since implementing the principles, practices, and tools available to WDN members, Dr. Thompson’s practice has grown by over 25 percent.

WDN Founder, Dr. Doug Thompson, and his practice team.
WDN Founder, Dr. Doug Thompson, and his practice team.
Membership includes fully customizable marketing materials.
Membership includes fully customizable marketing materials.
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