What is wellness-based dentistry?

Did you know that the smile is the key to better total body health? It’s true. More and more, the connection between oral health and physical health is being recognized and implemented today’s dental practices. This vital movement is called wellness dentistry.

wellness dentistry

A Vital Link to Total Body Health.

The relationship between oral health and physical health is a fact – we know conditions in the mouth affect the rest of the body. Wellness Dentistry Network (WDN) was created to help dental practices recognize the importance of wellness dentistry and implement it into their practices to help make their patients – and their practices –  healthier.

wellness dentistry, wellness dentistry network

Going Beyond Traditional Dentistry.

Wellness dentistry practitioners can help their patients achieve better health and wellness because they have the knowledge and tools necessary to identify disease early and to educate and guide patients. The result for patients can be increased vitality, greater longevity, and higher quality of life. The result for practices can be greater success and differentiation in an often crowded market.

wellness dentistry, wellness dentistry network, total body health

Wellness Dentistry is the Future.

Wellness dentistry is the future of dentistry, and those who embrace it now will be helping to spearhead a movement that can not only give patients an expanded level of care but can transform practices. Offering patients better health and increased options for wellness builds loyalty and trust, which, in turn, builds profitable practices and quality reputations.

What is the Wellness Dentistry Network?

Not only is wellness dentistry the future of dentistry, but it’s also a way to set your practice apart today.


But where do you start?


Wellness Dentistry Network (WDN) is a vital movement that provides you with the tools and resources you need to integrate wellness dentistry into your practice. Our approach allows you to implement wellness dentistry into your practice in a step-by-step manner, helping you transform your patients’ total body health while transforming your own practice into a center of excellence. 


And with WDN, you’re never alone. Our members can network with other like-minded dentists and other healthcare professionals to share information and best practices in order to promote better overall health and wellness. Watch the video as WDN founder, Dr. Doug Thompson, explains.

What WDN offers you and your practice.

As a dentist, your first order of business is giving your patients excellent care. But as a business owner, you’re obligated to find ways to grow your practice for you and your team. Wellness dentistry and WDN help you accomplish these goals. How? Through a protocol that gives dentists the ability to transform their practices and patient health through step-by-step implementation.

wellness dentistry, wellness dentistry network, total body health


What Our Members Say.