Three Cs of WDN

1. Content Library

WDN members have access to an online content hub that provides a vast library of material demonstrating how oral health issues are integrated with overall physical health and wellness issues. The hub contains implementation and patient education tools for dentists, hygienists and the entire dental team that will help them put wellness protocols and education into practice. These are modalities, protocols, and tools Dr. Thompson and his team utilize daily and successfully in his clinical practice, Integrative Oral Medicine.

WDN Patient Evaluation Methodology™

Understanding how to self-implement our methodology is the first step in the evolution of your practice. WDN provides the roadmap and the tools you need to create patient and team awareness, assist with diagnosis, and guide predictable treatment and maintenance protocols.

Office Branded Patient Assessment Walk Out Forms

These personalized assessments forms are a written record of your initial findings for each of the seven key dental elements, and establishes a baseline health report for your patient. This helps patients understand treatment recommendations based on their individual assessment.

Teaching Tools &Teaching Modules

We offer a large library of teaching materials that can be branded for your practice. Also included is access to a growing library of short teaching modules in wellness dentistry on a number of different subjects including gum disease, lifestyle, metabolic syndrome, to name just a few.

Marketing Support

This package teaches you how to prepare for and present your practice at health fairs and trade shows. Elements can be customized and will help demonstrate to patients how as a member of the Wellness Dentistry Network you truly offer a distinct and high-value form of dentistry.

Public Presentation Materials

We have created a public PowerPoint presentation outlining our approach that is also customizable for your practice. This presentation is designed to give you an educational piece to share at health-oriented meetings in your area as a way to educate and generate new patients.

Local Physician Support

How do you connect with area physicians who also believe in collaboration that can lead to healthier patients? Membership will also include assistance in identifying collaborative partners including allopathic, holistic, and concierge physicians in your area.

Got a few minutes?

Take a quick site tour with Dr. Doug Thompson and get an idea of all the resources available in the WDN Content Library.

2. Community

wellness dentistry network

The WDN community is like no other. WDN connects you with a global network of like-minded dental and medical teams who have a keen awareness of how oral conditions affect total body health, and with whom you can co-manage patients. WDN also offers opportunities where you can learn, discuss and explore through an online community, in-person courses and seminars, and exclusive events including our Annual Member Rally with teams from our global community.

3. Coaching

wellness dentistry, wellness dentistry network

WDN and its members are here to support you every step of the way as you and your team grow and become the wellness dentistry practice you desire to be. It starts with your onboarding with our WDN team to kick off and support your team’s implementation of WDN into your practice.


Additionally, we offer one-on-one coaching for teams desiring more assistance in implementing WDN (available in addition to standard membership). With WDN, you’re never alone in your journey to help your patients, your team, and yourself achieve total body health.